UMVIM-NCJ Safe Sanctuary Policy

(adopted May 4, 2009)

Regarding the safe sanctuaries procedure, the following language will be communicated to UMVIM Leaders:

Each team goes out under Safe Sanctuaries guidelines of the team leader’s conference, which should include Safe Sanctuaries training and background checks.


Safe Gatherings & CongregationU

Online course option for Safe Sanctuaries Training!

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Some of our conferences offer courses in Safe Sanctuary training (abuse and prevention), some are online others are not.  Some use Safe Gatherings. Early Response Team members are required to take this training.

UMVIM-NCJ is committed to helping conferences with their training for volunteers.   We want all who serve, as well as those we serve, to be informed and protected. We are happy to offer this online training through for conferences that do not have this option as of yet.

Safe Gatherings has added a sister brand, CongregationU, that provides the venue to make our abuse prevention and boundary awareness course.  Additional courses and training are available if desired.

As part of your preparation for service, we ask that you set up a CongregationU account in order to complete your course. Training may be completed at your convenience, anytime, anywhere using CongregationU. We have opted to offer the three trainings below.  If you do all three it will take about 2.5 hours to complete. Upon successful completion of each course, you will be able to print a certificate of completion, which should be provided to your group leader prior to service. The three courses are:

Note: If you are currently Safe Gatherings-approved, you have already completed the abuse prevention course, and may provide your Safe Gatherings approval number and expiration date as verification.

For Individuals – Set Up Account and Purchase Course(s):  Click here to set up an account and order your training courses. Contact the CongregationU team at or (866)862-5855 for additional information or with any questions you may have.  It might be helpful to you to read this Tutorial for setting up an account.  Hopefully it will clarify many questions.  If not, please call or email directly:

Safe Gatherings and CongregationU / 9200 Glenwood, Suite 102 / Overland Park, KS  66212 / 888.241.8258 /


For church groups: CongregationU currently provides online training training on more than 25 topics relevant to your church or group situations (clergy, staff, volunteers) with more being added on an ongoing basis. You may purchase individual courses or bundles which are available at greatly reduced rates. In addition, if your group has content that you would like to host online, you may use CongregationU’s Course Builder product to host your own training to your own group. To learn more about CongregationU, click here for an overview.