Background Checks

National Background Investigations

Background Check Information

UMVIM-NCJ Background Check Release Form

This service is mainly being offered to Annual Conferences within the North Central Jurisdiction to meet requirements for UMVIM Team Leader or Early Response Team membership. National Background Investigations as our screening company.

All these records are held as highly confidential and will not be released to any organization or individual. In the event of a flag on your report, your Conference UMVIM Coordinator or Disaster Response Coordinator will be consulted and advised to be in touch with the background checking agency for the report. They will make the final decision as to whether you qualify for the placement you are seeking within your conference.

For those outside the North Central Jurisdiction, you will need to call or email the UMVIM-NCJ Office for a price quote. Each state charges differently for using their data bases.

We prefer that you use the Background Check procedure set up within your own Conference, but if that is not available to you, please feel free to use this option until such time as your Conference has its own in place.

For others needing this service – please let us know who to notify about your completed the background check.

Most Background checks are good for FOUR years. However, each Conference Safe Sanctuary Policy is unique.