Mission RoundUP – August 2018!


Mission Academy RoundUP

August 9-12, 2018

Wesley Woods Camp and Retreat Center

Williams Bay, WI

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This year’s Mission Academy RoundUP features plenaries on Abundant Health and TeachUM. Trainings include UMCOR ERT Train the Trainer, UMVIM Team Leader Training, and Connecting Neighbors. Great evening discussions feature Missionary Opportunities and a time to assemble UMCOR School Kits.

Learn more about serving our brother and sisters across the street and across the ocean. Connect with projects that impact lives in many ways.

Worship Leaders and Presenters: 

Bishop Sally Dyck

Melissa Bracht-Wagner, IA Conference

Nancy Carmichael-Stoner, WI Conference

Chantel Corrie, Midwest Mission Distribution Center

Letty Damian, Assistant Volunteer Coordinator Puerto Rico Response

Kathy Dickriede, UMVIM coordinator, EO Conference

Jane Dunn, Community Health Advocate

Marj Evans-di-Carpio, Solar Oven Partners

Jason Frazer, Volunteer Coordinator Puerto Rico Response

Kathleen Griffith, Global Health

Susan Jennys, DAK Native American Concerns

F. Willis Johnson, Senior Pastor, Wellspring UMC, MO

Una Jones, Global Ministries

Carol Meynan, Community Health Advocate

Cherie Miner, Mobile United Methodists

David Newhouse, NCJ Discover…Mission coordinator

Sue Pethoud, Cass Community Social Services

Steve and Gail Quigg, NCJ Mission Advocates

Sabrina Rodgers, Global Health

Jeff Walker, Disaster Response Coordinator, WO Conference

Katie Woods, Youth Mission Team Leader, EO COnference

Lyndy Zabel, UMVIM coordinator, MN Conference



Thoughts from the 2016 RoundUP:

Thanks so much for allowing Joel (Rabb) and I to share about In Mission Together.  I’m sometimes unsure how the presentation is being received, but this I was encouraged when people told me afterward that they gained something from our session. I thought the RoundUP was wonderfully organized, from the sign in to the equipment for the workshop presenters to the schedule.  In Mission Together, David Phipps.  W OH

 I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful conference you and your team hosted last week.  The different speakers and workshops were so relevant and inspiring! I think I could have listened to Jeremy Basset and David Wildman all day! The workshops were full of great ideas and gave new perspectives on doing mission in our world. Jamie and I both learned a lot about UMVIM and the work you all are doing. And we made many new connections with people we otherwise probably would never have met. I think my favorite part of RoundUP was being able to watch my daughter’s reaction to it all. She was very inspired and feels God calling her to become more involved in UMVIM.  She talked about it the whole way home and shared many ideas for how she feels God might want to use her through UMVIM. So thank you again! We were so blessed to be there!  Blessings, Megan Clark / Associate District Assistant / North and Northwest Districts / Indiana Conference / The United Methodist Church

Thanks again for a well-rounded, informative, fun ROUNDUP! Always lots of work but worth it for those of us attending.  It’s too bad we can’t find a venue that has air conditioning and microphones which would have made the event A +++ .  I remember in 2003 at my farewell and your introduction as the new jurisdictional UMVIM Coordinator, I really didn’t know you except that you were very smart (a lab tech/scientist I believe). Now, after 13 years, you have moved this program forward, accomplished great strides for volunteerism and leave a great legacy for Tammy.  I know how many hours you have spent, the energy given, the millions of e-mails written, hundreds of phone calls answered, thousands of miles traveled…well done!  Beverly Nolte, IA, former UMVIM-NCJ Coordinator

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