Accident / Medical Insurance

Insurance for your Mission Journey

Can save you and your congregation thousands of dollars 

UMVIM– NCJ renews its contract each September with CMA Insurance Agency out of Gainesville, GA to offer you a Seven Corners Accidental and Medical Insurance Policy for both International UMVIM teams.  We offer $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000 medical coverage options.

UMVIM-NCJ has also contracted with Mutual of Omaha for accident-only insurance policy for domestic teams. All team members must purchase coverage.

1. Select the amount of coverage needed.

2. Complete the Excel Worksheet with names

and birthdates of team members.

3. Email the completed form to

4. Submit payment by using the PayPal Donate button at the bottom

of the page or by sending a check made payable to UMVIM-NCJ to:

8800 Cleveland Ave. NW

North Canton, OH 44720

2017 Seven Corners Insurance through CMA Agency

USA and International Medical/Accident/Repatriation Insurance

The main reason you take this insurance is for accident and medical coverage and repatriation.

This is NOT trip insurance!

Regular coverage

The cost per person for each level of medical coverage is:

$10,000: $2.00/day + $15 registration fee

$25,000: $2.25/day + $15 registration fee

$50,000: $2.50/day + $15 registration fee

UMVIM Insurance FAQ

UMVIM-NCJ Benefit Certificate

Insurance forms

 $10,000 CMA 10000 INTERNATIONAL Excel worksheet

$25,000 CMA 25000 INTERNATIONAL Excel worksheet

 $50,000 CMA 50000 INTERNATIONAL Excel worksheet

 . . . .

Sports coverage

Note : all team members must purchase this one if it is chosen

The cost per person for each level of medical coverage is:

$10,000: $2.50/day + $15 registration fee

$25,000: $2.75/day + $15 registration fee

UMVIM Sports Policy

Insurance forms

$10,000 CMA Sports 10000 INTERNATIONAL SPORTS Excel worksheet

$25,000 CMA Sports 25000 INTERNATIONAL SPORTS Excel worksheet

 . . . .

Mutual of Omaha

USA Accident/Medical Insurance

Mutual of Omaha coverage is for use in the USA only. 

All members must purchase this coverage.

Per person cost is $0.75/day plus $5.00 registration fee. 

This should be particularly useful for ERT teams.


DOMESTIC Excel worksheet


Insurance can now be paid using PayPal.  Just click the Donate button below.

Please use the Notes field to designate the funds with name of the team leader.